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Today I realised that, though this song has been online for quite a while, it has never received a dedicated post with lyrics and podcast to boot. Well, here it is.

Death in Custody is a song about prison suicide; a tragic subject but something I feel quite passionately about. It was written in an indignant rage, which probably comes across in the lyrics, though I think I hit the right balance between bite and compassion. Let me know if you agree.


Mrs Perkins, Mrs Perkins
We’re here to hold your hand
We drove your husband to his death
We hope you understand
We treated him like poultry
We knew he was a man
Don’t be sad Mrs Perkins

Mrs Perkins, Mrs Perkins
You’re shaking like a leaf
But seeing where your husband died will help you with the grief We’ve already been in there
and cleaned it out with bleach
Please don’t hate me Mrs Perkins

Mrs Perkins, Mrs Perkins
I wish that I could voice
the sorrow I am feeling for yourself and for your boys but my pity has it’s limits
your husband made a choice
no, it’s not my fault Mrs Perkins

Mrs Perkins, Mrs Perkins
I need to set things right
this morning I made jokes about your husbands suicide I said it was a waste of taxes
keeping him alive
oh please don’t cry Mrs Perkins

Mrs Perkins, Mrs Perkins
it hurts to look at you
your crying is a thing I have forgotten how to do
and I hate to move you on but my shift ends at quarter to go home to your children Mrs Perkins

Download:  Death in Custody (4.4 MiB, 334 hits)


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